Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we need to improve UAN production quality control?

Monetary value of 0.1% nitrogen content is $2.26/t (2022 Q2 UAN32 price: $725/t). We estimated that a single UAN plant with annual 330 production days with 1700 UAN tons/day capacity, could increase profitability by $3,813,000 annually.

2. Why your technology is better than competitors‘?

Simply put, Near Infrared (NIR) industrially applied on-line spectroscopy technology is the best technique in the market for real time UAN composition measurement.
Closest competing technology is on-line Refractive index and density measurement, but it has these weaknesses: prone to long-term drift (daily recalibration required), two devices required (additional Coriolis flowmeter), not a direct method, accuracy >=0.3 % wt, does not measure Biuret.
SPRANA’s UAN NIR online Process analyzer accuracy >=0.1 % wt, one instrument, stable direct measurement of all components (Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, Water, Biuret), including Biuret measurement.

3. What are process conditions for the hookup?

The NIRSpec UAN Process analyzer will need a bypass line pipe diameter from ½” to 1”(depend on process conditions), pressure range 14.5 - 145 psi (1-10 bars), temperatures range 77°F to 230 °F (25°-110° C).

4. What are communication cables to the DCS and power supply?

MODBUS RTU/ASCII via RS485, power supply is 110-230 VAC 50-60Hz.

5. What are your service and engineering partners in United States?

Contech Control Services, Inc.
2801 Sens Road / La Porte, TX 77571 / USA
Direct: 832-217-2189 / Main: 281-471-8010 / Mobile: 281-414-5889

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