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Aug 2015

Sprana has developed paraffin wax analyzer

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Sprana’s R&D department has developed paraffin wax process analyzer. First client and main tester of this product is Iviltra Ltd.

The Sprana’s ParaWaxSpec is a spectroscopic process analyzer for real time analysis/determination of colour and oil concentration of liquid paraffin wax in the bleaching and enrichment process.

It is an effective process analytical solution/technology (PAT) for monitoring and control of paraffin wax bleaching and enrichment process, giving fast analysis of colour and oil concentration (measurement frequency < 1 s), good accuracy and basically no operational and maintenance costs.

Colour can be represented in accordance to ASTM 1500 Colour Scale or other alternative colour scales depending to the customer’s requirements.

The analyzer ParaWaxSpec can fully replace the routine off-line analysis of paraffin wax colour and oil concentration, carried out in the laboratory for the control of the bleaching and enrichment process with the benchtop spectrophotometer, which is time and labour consuming and thus ineffective, to an automatic colour and composition monitoring and control. It will allow you to achieve a better control of paraffin wax bleaching and enricment processes and assure the product quality.

The analyzer goes with mobile app for real time process monitoring at any place and any time. The app has alert function if process has faults or deviations from normal operation. The alert function also works via mobile text messages or emails. Moreover, the app is easily customisable and can be added with individual features.

All Sprana products go with free calibration services and support for 12 months.

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