Our company works on research and new technology development services (R&D)

Sprana is working on a variety of spectroscopy analyzers and analytical methods. Our scientists are improving analysis solutions used in manufacturing processes, solving chemometrics cases, developing calibrations.

Sprana employs various experts, consultants of manufacturing companies, software developers, other staff with scientific and applied research experience. Personnel exchanged experience with Lithuanian and international high-tech enterprises, scientific institutions.

Our company cooperates with Vilnius University Faculty of Physics and Spectroscopy, Department of Physical Sciences and Technology Center scientists, as well as with various companies developing engineering solutions, so we are able to perform a variety of orders and the necessary researches to find new solutions and technologies.

Sprana has already developed at-line FT-IR ATR analyser for inorganic fertilizer and on-line analyzer for analysis of dispersed media such as polymer suspensions in process industry. We are currently carry out research and develop new methods in order to create industrial analyzer for starches in the food industry.

More information about our equipment in a laboratory HERE

R&D department
Dr. Kestutis Prusinskas
Email: rd@sprana.eu
Phone: +370 655 54 174