ColourSpec analyzer

ColourSpec analyzer

colour analyzer for liquids for all colour scales

It enables continuous (real time) monitoring and control of colour throughout the manufacturing process. Integrated new generation micro spectrometer, innovative LED light source and double beam (sample beam and reference beam) design allow accurate stable and reproducible colour measurements.


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FerSpec analyzers 

FerSpec analyzers of fertilizers

On-line, in-line or at-line process analyzers of fertilizers - Sprana FerSpec.

Free calibration. Simultaneous quantitative analysis of multiple components. Accuracy 0.1-0.4 % wt. (depending on the application). Measurement frequency < 1 s of liquid fertilizers. Analysis time of at-line analyzers between 15 and 30 min. User friendly interface adapted for simple and quick use in process environment. Detection of oil or other contaminants in the stream, which could indicate some process faults or deviations from normal operation. Analysis of the upcoming streams by mean of additional fibre optic probe.

Currently available analyzers for:
Urea Ammonium Nitrate  |   Urea   |   Calcium Ammonium Nitrate  |  Ammonium Sulphate Nitrate  |  Diammonium Phosphate  |  Monoammonium Phosphate  |   Monocalcium Phosphate


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PolSpec analyzers

PolSpec analyzers

of polymers

On-line UV-Vis-IR analyzer of polymer suspensions in process - Sprana PolSpec

Higher accuracy in estimation of chemical concentrations in highly scattering media than conventional NIR analyzers available on the market can offer today. Extended multi-funcionality - physical properties such as particle size distribution can be predicted with significantly higher accuracy than NIR process analyzers can offer today. Better robustness than conventional NIR analyzers can offer today.

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ParaWaxSpec analyzers

ParaWaxSpec analyzer

of paraffin wax

In/on-line colour and oil concentration analyzer of liquid paraffin wax - Sprana ParaWaxSpec.

The Sprana's ParaWaxSpec is a spectroscopic process analyzer for real time analysis/determination of colour and oil concentration of liquid paraffin wax in the bleaching process.

It is an effective process analytical technology for monitoring and control of paraffin wax bleaching process, giving fast analysis (measurement frequency < 1 s) of color and oil cocentration. Result of analysis represented by the ASTM Colour Scale.

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ImSpec analyzers

ImSpec analyzer

of clear dark PET preforms

The Sprana's ImSpec is a visual inspection device for clear dark PET preforms which cannot be inspected visually. The device is designed to inspect PET preforms by using IR wavelength.

The Sprana’s ImSpec is an ideal device for operators to inspect clear dark brown, blue, green, etc. PET preforms. The device can be used both, at-line or in a laboratory. User friendly software interface doesn’t require high knowledge to achieve the desired result. ImSpec shows clear view of 200 µm and bigger smuts, scarps, scratches and various contaminations, the view can be saved as photo in embedded computer which has Wi-Fi connection and can be monitored from other devices. Durable design makes it reliable and long lasting visual inspection instrument.

*opaque preforms cannot be inspected

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