Analyzer for PET preforms




Sprana ImSpec

for dark PET preforms

Visual inspection device

for dark PET preforms  


The Sprana's ImSpec is a visual inspection device for clear dark PET preforms which cannot be inspected visually. The device is designed to inspect PET preforms by using IR wavelength.

• Easy way to inspect clear dark plastic preforms

• Clear view of inside smuts, scraps and scratches

• Detection of 200 µm and bigger elements

• User friendly software interface

• Embedded computer

• CMOS monochrome sensor with high resolution lens

• Durable design

This device is designed for clear dark PET preforms which cannot be easily inspected visually. Preforms can be in any colour:

The Sprana’s ImSpec is an ideal device for operators to inspect clear dark brown, blue, green, etc. PET preforms. The device can be used both, at-line or in a laboratory. User friendly software interface doesn’t require high knowledge to achieve the desired result. ImSpec shows clear view of 200 µm and bigger smuts, scarps, scratches and various contaminations, the view can be saved as photo in embedded computer which has Wi-Fi connection and can be monitored from other devices. Durable design makes it reliable and long lasting visual inspection instrument.

*opaque preforms cannot be inspected



Price when ordering 1 device: 2 500 EUR + VAT 


  Download product discription ImSpec (.pdf)