Analyzers of liquids colour

ColourSpec v2



Real time in-line colour measurement for better process (product quality) control

Colour can be measured in any colour scale (CIE XYZ, CIE Lab, ASTM 1500, ASTM D156 Saybolt, APHA, Hazen, etc.);

Eliminates time-loss and cost for sampling and laboratory measurements;

Simple and flexible installation using standard process connections (ANSI, ASME, PN, DIN, BSP, etc.);

Large illumination area, less sensitivity to window fouling, better repeatability (with bubbles in the stream in particular);

LED light source, minimal energy consumption, long life;

Flow cell with heating available;

Enables flexible alarm functionality;

Software customisation to customer’s needs;

Low operating and maintenance costs;

Consultation from trained personnel throughout the installation and operation.

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 ColourSpec” is a process/industrial analyzer for in-line colour analysis of liquid product streams such as petroleum products (paraffin wax, oil, diesel, naphtha, etc.), edible oils, beers and malts, beverages and chemicals. 

It enables continuous (real time) monitoring and control of colour throughout the manufacturing process. Integrated new generation micro spectrometer, innovative LED light source and double beam (sample beam and reference beam) design allow accurate stable and reproducible colour measurements. This (i.e. measuring the whole transmission spectrum in the visible wavelength range not just using one or two wavelengths) also allows for the use of internationally recognised colour coordinate systems, such as CIE XYZ and CIE LAB with the subsequent translation of colour data to industry specific colour scales, as referenced by standardising bodies such as AOCS, DGF, ISO and ASTM.

The instrument is connected to industrial panel PC via the USB cable and can be accessed remotely from any computer via ethernet. The software (user interface, visualisation, data analysis, data logging and so on) can be customised according to customer’s needs and requirements.


ParaWaxSpec Colour v.1

Light source:

LED (4 different colour LEDs combined)


CIE Illuminant A, B, C, D65


2°, 10°

Optical path length:

from 2 to 100 mm

Illumination area/spot (diameter):

14 mm

Optical design:

with reference beam


1024 pixel photodiode array

Wavelength range:

390÷710 nm


6 nm (at 500 nm)

Material of optical windows:

quartz (other materials available)

Material of flow cell body:

stainless steel (other materials available)

Flow cell heating (optional):

120 W PTC heating element




Industrial PC panel


356 x 169 x 226 mm


20 kg

Power supply:

12 VDC, 2 A (12 A with heating)

Power consumption:

60 W (180 W with heating)

Ambient temperature:

+5 to +40 °C

Sample temperature:

up to +130 °C


up to 10 bar

Relative humidity:                          

below dew point

 For more information please contact:

dr. R. Steponavicius
Phone: +370 685 30 552