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Sprana – a high-tech company in applied spectroscopy providing Process Analytical Technology (PAT) solutions for on-line/at-line monitoring and analysis of industrial processes (streams). The main focus is the quantitative analysis and characterization of light scattering media applying advanced spectroscopic methods and techniques. Research and development of new analytical instrumentation/solutions (process analyzers) along with multivariate calibration models is one of the key work areas. 

Sprana has a modern applied spectroscopy laboratory and carries out high quality research and development in this field. Sprana is intensively working on developing novel process analyzers for analysis of dispersed media such as polymer suspensions in process industries, that have greater accuracy in determining concentrations of multiple chemical species and characterizing particle sizes in industrial streams. The ability of these analyzers to do not only the quantitative analysis of various chemical species, but also to estimate the size of the particles in the dispersions, thanks to the new measurement and calibration approach, makes it unique in the current market, since it is able to simultaneously measure more parameters than any other commercial analyzer currently available on the market. Sprana has already created industrial analyzers for fertilizer, paraffin and polymers, also staff started testing for custom made industrial analyzer for syrups/starches in the food industry.


Sprana is working on projects Nr.: VP2-1.3-ŪM-03-K-03-012 "Spectroscopic UV-Vis-NIR analyzer multiparameter flow dispersion characterization creation and development“ and Nr.: VP2-1.3-ŪM-05-K-02-114 "Qualitative and quantitative analysis of molecular spectroscopy application in the production of phosphate fertilizer“. Both funded by the European Regional Development Fund and state budget of the Republic of Lithuania. 


In 2014 Sprana was awarded "Innovation award 2014" for creating at-line UV-Vis-IR analyzer for inorganic fertilizer Sprana FerSpec v1.0.

In 2015 Sprana got to the finals and was nominated to the most successful high-tech company at "Knowledge Economy Companies 2014" awards.


Sprana's main area of ​​specialization is focussed on light-scattering media, quantitative analysis and characterization of particle size using UV-Vis-IR spectroscopic methods. Sprana has already created industrial analyzers for fertilizer, paraffin and polymers. The award winning Sprana FerSpec is a dedicated FT-IR ATR process analyzer for inorganic fertilizer and Sprana PolSpec is an on-line UV-Vis-IR analyzer for polymers suspensions in process industries.

Member of Lithuanian laser association

Sprana is a member of well known Lithuanian laser association, which was established in 2004. The Association brings together institutions and enterprises for the development of its activities in one of the Lithuanian Government approved high-tech priorities. Scientific laser research in Lithuania was started in the seventh decade of the last century. Due to the intensive research activities performed by scientists of Vilnius University and the Institute of Physics, Lithuania now is one of the largest exporters of specific laser systems in the world. At present in the country there are over 10 companies engaged in production of lasers and laser systems based on own research. More than 80% of laser production is exported to the international market. Lithuania has several research centers (Vilnius University, Institute of Physics, Semiconductor Physics Institute) carrying out world-class laser research. These centers develop the competence which provides qualified experts for laser technologies.

Lithuanian laser researchers have developed a few unique light sources and start performing applied laser research in the field of industrial laser systems. Qualification and experience of specialists guarantees development of laser products of the highest quality to the international market.

Laser manufacturing sector of Lithuania shows a 15–20% growth per year. Lithuania exports its laser products to 100 world countries, among which there are the largest EU, USA and Japanese laboratories and research centers.

Further information

Mokslininku st. 6a, Vilnius, Lithuania
dr. Raimundas Steponavicius
Phone: +370 685 30 552
Email: r.steponavicius@sprana.eu