New performance new capibilities! Industrial on-line/in-line/at-line analyzers.


Sprana – a high-tech company in applied spectroscopy providing Process Analytical Technology (PAT) solutions for on-line/in-line/at-line monitoring and analysis of industrial processes (streams). The main focus is the quantitative analysis and characterization of light scattering media applying advanced spectroscopic methods and techniques. Research and development of new analytical instrumentation/solutions (process analysers) along with multivariate calibration models is one of the key work areas. 
Sprana has a modern applied spectroscopy laboratory and carries out high quality research and development in this field. Sprana has already created industrial analyzers for fertilizer, paraffin and polymers. 
Sprana is a member of well-known Lithuanian laser association. Scientific laser research in Lithuania was started in the seventh decade of the last century. Due to the intensive research activities, Lithuania now is one of the largest exporters of specific laser systems in the world.
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                          Fertilizer industry


Currently available analyzers:


FerSpec analyzers

                        Paraffin wax industry


Currently available analyzers:

• ParaWaxSpec for paraffin production
• ParaWaxSpec for wax production

ParaWaxSpec analyzer

                        Polymer industry


Currently available analyzers:

PolSpec for Emulsion polimerization
PolSpec for Suspension polimerization

PolSpec analyzer

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